Saltwater Fly-Fishing Lines

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Use a fly line specifically designed for saltwater fly fishing, matched to your rod weight. If you’re targeting larger fish in deep water on a windy day, you may need to choose a line that is a weight or two heavier than your rod. If you’re not sure what kind of line to use, check with your local fly shop. We’ve developed several saltwater fishing lines to perform in specific conditions, such as cold water, tropics, or for big game fishing, so anglers can expect refined performance from their saltwater lines. We also offer superb all-purpose saltwater lines as well. You’ll find them all in this collection.

The size fly line you use for saltwater will match the weight of your rod.

Technically, yes, you can use a normal (freshwater) fly line in saltwater, but don’t expect the same results. Saltwater fly lines are developed and designed to handle the density of saltwater and its corrosive power. 

Saltwater fly line is different from freshwater fly line in sink rate, taper, color, and material. Saltwater lines must have a faster sink rate to get through the denser water. Saltwater lines also have a longer front taper to accommodate greater depths, and they’re designed from materials to withstand the corrosive effects of salt exposure. Saltwater fly lines are different colors than freshwater fly lines in order to blend with tropical or deep sea water tones.

Top-Quality Saltwater Fly Lines

Designed with a braided monofilament core, Orvis saltwater fly line performs exceptionally well no matter what saltwater fish species you’re targeting. Whether you need a delicate presentation on a shallow flat to tail bonefish, to get deep to stripers feeding in a rip, or to target suspended tarpon just a few feet down, we offer the best saltwater fly line for the situation. Our PRO saltwater fly line comes in smooth and textured options for cold water or tropical climates. Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re fishing for, we have a saltwater fly line that’s best for the conditions. When it’s time to target kings or steelhead, our salmon fly line offers an ultra-long head for drifts. This collection includes popular line weights used to target multiple saltwater species. An improved coating allows our fly lines to cast farther with less effort by producing faster line speeds. Orvis fly lines are designed with the latest technology for the ultimate in distance, accuracy, and durability, for more productive days on the water. Find the right saltwater line for any species and conditions you encounter in our selection of high-performance fly-fishing lines.