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For performance and application, our faux bucktail is more durable and uniform than a real bucktail product. The consistent length means all you need to do is pull out what you need and cut it to the right size. Synthetic fibers hold epoxy and glue better than natural deer hair, so your fly sheds water quickly and lasts longer. 

Krystal flash is most effective as an attractant along the lateral line, dividing the two colors of a clouser minnow, which is a fantastic baitfish fly that attracts bass, trout, and most predator species in fresh- or saltwater. Original Flashabou has long been trusted as an effective flash material to attract salmon, steelhead, pike, and saltwater predators.

Incorporate synthetic zonker strips to create realistic baitfish imitations by treating them exactly as if they are natural rabbit zonkers. Use them for minnow bodies and on your streamer patterns. Our synthetic zonker has identical movement to real fur, so use it like crosscut rabbit for streamers and nymphs.

Trout eyes include special cones designed to detect UV light, which makes UV synthetic fly-tying materials advantageous for trout anglers. The UV reflective properties of certain synthetic flash represents the UV glow of prey and gives the fly added sparkle to attract fish better. As always, use colors that match the hatch to be most effective.

Lifelike Synthetics & Flash for Fly Tying

Explore our wide selection of fly-tying synthetics and flash to find the best options for tying lifelike flies. Today’s synthetic fly-tying materials deliver the lifelike movement of natural hair yet offer more durability and don’t absorb water the way real animal furs do. From zonker strips to egg yarn and Craftfur, stock your fly-tying station with quality materials that offer dependable density, uniformity, and undulation. Add strike-inducing flash to your clouser minnows with premium wing materials or amp up your saltwater flies with Flashabou tinsel. Discover rust- and saltproof fibers on 5D brushes for fuller, bulkier profiles that are irresistible to pike, trout, bass, and steelhead. Create believable and durable fresh- and saltwater flies using high-quality synthetics and flash from Orvis.