Fly-Tying Legs, Wings & Tails

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Absolutely; we offer several options in realistic silicone leg materials to add lifelike movement to your flies. Whether you're tying nymphs, bass bugs, terrestrials, poppers, leggy dries, or streamers, our selection of leg materials will help you create flies that fish can't resist.

For tying mayfly tails that will trick even the most wary fish, we recommend Microfibetts Mayfly Tails, a superfine synthetic that can also be incorporated into your patterns as feelers, legs, or thorax material.

Yes, we offer easy-to-understand instructional videos about understanding rubber legswhich wing materials float best, and how to make a double strand tail. Find a bounty of resources on our fly-fishing blog, including plenty of tips, tricks, techniques, and must-have products for all your fly-tying and fly-fishing adventures.

Premium Legs, Wings & Tails for Fly Tying

Discover reliable fly-tying legs, wings, and tails at Orvis to complete lifelike fly patterns that earn strikes from hungry fish. Choose from barred or solid silicone legs for lifelike wiggle in the water when you want a material that won’t degrade after sun exposure. Add multi-colored legs for dynamic streamers, bass poppers, or crayfish. Every fly tyer’s box needs Krystal flash wing material for tying clouser patterns; we offer metallic and pearlescent options. Our mayfly tails are made of versatile ultrafine fibers that also lend themselves to use as feelers, legs, or thorax patterns. For premium fly-tying materials that add believable legs, wings, and tails to your flies, look no further than Orvis.