The culmination of a seven-year quest to achieve precision beyond all previous limits of your imagination. Proven four times more accurate than Helios 3, the previous industry benchmark.

It’s Where Accuracy Comes Alive.

The Helios Origin Story

Innovation has been our specialty since 1856, driven by a simple mission statement: “We can do this better.” And so we did.

A black and white headshot of Fly Rod Designer, Shawn Combs.

“Great anglers know, the ideal fly rod becomes an extension of your arm.

New Helios Is an Extension of Your Mind.

After years in extensive development, I can say for certain there are zero compromises with these sticks. Just maximum performance that take the caster into complete flow-state accuracy, from eye to fly, picking targets and not just putting the shot in the box but putting it on the money. The only real excuse we all have left now is, well, fly selection.”

— Shawn Combs, Design & Development Director

The butts of two different types of Helios Fly Rods.

Over-Engineered Is an Understatement

For Orvis rod designers, “over-engineered” is no dig; it’s a recognition that Helios performs far beyond the normal limits of a fly rod. Our mission to raise the world standard for accuracy comes with a commitment that every performance characteristic and component of the all-new Helios exceeds expectations.

A detail shot of the fly line guide on the new Helios Fly Rod.
A detail shot of the cork on the butt of a new Helios Fly Rod.
A detail shot of a small moving part on the Helios Fly Rod.
An Orvis Fly Rod Tube with a broken down Helios peeking out the top.

• Type III anodized aluminum reel seat

• Burled hardwood reel seat inserts on small game models

• Black aluminum reel seat big game models

• Titanium stripping guides

• Big game full wells model includes composite “gas pedal”

• REC recoil titanium snake guides

• Aluminum rod tube

See It. Cast It. Your Best is Now 4X Better.

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An angler mid-cast made up of many smaller images of people fishing.
A graph of the accuracy of the new Helios versus the top competitions' rods.

The Most Accurate Fly Rod in the World

And we can prove it. With the most significant reduction in tip displacement ever measured, hit your target with laser precision.

4X More Accurate than Helios 3 the previous industry benchmark for accuracy

Two graphs showing the Horizontal and Vertical Tip Displacement of the new Helios Fly Rod versus competitors' fly rods.

Delivering Your Fly With Confidence—On Target, Every Time

Strategic reinforcement in the rod blank increases hoop strength and minimizes vibration, leading to a radical reduction in tip displacement.

A graph showing the flexibility of the new Helios Fly Rod versus the Helios 3 Fly Rod.

Muscle & Mettle

Increased travel distance means more lifting power when a fish runs under the boat or thrashes at the net. Fight those last moments with confidence.

25% stronger than Helios 3

“Very powerful and strong for such a light rod. I pulled on some big tarpon, striped marlin, giant trevally, grouper, snapper, and it performed great.

In some cases, I tried to break it and did not.”

— Jako Lucas

Several anglers on a raft on a clear blue sky day.

Less Swing Weight Without Compromise

A 10% reduction in levered swing weight equals a crisp and balanced feel that is virtually effortless for all-day casting without fatigue.

Distance & Finesse — A Quiver of Options in Two Series

Choose D for increased line speed and lifting power and F for ultimate sensitivity and delicate presentations with tippet protection.

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The Orvis Interchangeable Parts Program

Back on the Water in as Fast as Five Days

Given the consistency of our design, rodbuilding process, and inventory, you’re back on the water in as fast as five business days with a replacement section should the unfortunate happen. It’s not just a replacement, it’s an exact fit to blueprint specs—that is the Orvis part interchangeability promise.

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