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Chenille is mostly used for bodies of nymphs, streamers, and steelhead flies in fly tying. In the case of a San Juan Worm or mop fly, it makes up almost the entirety of the body. In other instances, the chenille may be used for only a small segment of the fly. 

Yarn can be used in some cases to substitute for chenille in fly tying. In other examples, you could use rubber or silicone materials, like for the Squirmy Wormy, but that makes an arguably very different fly. It’s difficult to find a true substitute for chenille, especially when you get into the more specialized chenille varieties like Polar Chenille, or Cactus Chenille, which are each one-of-a-kind creations.

Choose the color of chenille that most closely matches the nymph, baitfish, or other prey you’re trying to imitate, or choose a color that will catch the target species’ eye. If you’re starting your chenille collection, then add black and olive to it, along with a black and coffee variegated chenille for stonefly nymphs.

Flat, round and cactus chenille all create different profiles in your fly pattern. The best way to find out which profile will work best is to follow a specific fly pattern or experiment with each chenille type to find out which one works best for your flies.

If you’re following instructions for a pattern, the correct size chenille should be included. For most nymphs, small standard chenille will work, while medium chenille is ideal for larger nymphs and up to medium-sized streamers.

Chenille & Braid for Fly-Tying

Find the best fly-tying chenille and braid for tying up patterns from Pat’s rubber legs and woolly buggers to modern tactical-jig and articulated streamers. If it’s got fuzzy strands then we’ve got it stocked in our collection of chenille. With long-stranded polar chenille to finer ultra chenille, you can give your fly the lifelike body you like, no matter the size of chenille required. Add bulky sparkle to your patterns with New Age Chenille, or keep it slim with Pearlescent Flat Braid. And whether you fish them proudly or in secret, we offer the best fly-tying chenille for mop flies and worms.