Orvis PRO

Two people dressed in warm PRO jackets choosing a fly

All Weather Systems

“Predictable” is never a term we'd choose to describe the weather—especially when the seasons are changing from one to the next. “Preparation,” on the other hand, can help make the most of unpredictable situations. It's the backbone behind our PRO All Weather Systems. Designed for blue-sky mornings that morph into gray, windswept days and frosty dawns that give way to sweltering, sunny afternoons, this all-encompassing collection assures comfort in all conditions.

You’ll find lightweight layers that wick moisture, dry fast, stretch, move with you, and remain fresh all day thanks to built-in odor protection. And of course, we’ve included weatherproof and abrasion-resistant outer layers that keep you warm, dry, and protected from the elements. You never know what Mother Nature will whip up on a given day, but when you’re prepared with PRO All Weather gear, you can be sure that she’ll never succeed in slowing you down.

Details Make the Difference

Two people threading their way through the woods

Abrasion Resistance

Bust right through the tough stuff. Our abrasion-resistant fabrics keep you well protected from briars, brambles, and rough boulders.

A close-up image of water beading up on the shoulder of a green PRO jacket

DWR Coating

A Durable Water Repellent coating ensures that when the drops start descending, you’ll stay dry, comfortable, and ready to fish on.

Detail image of a zippered security pocket on PRO pants

Security Pockets

Strategically placed zippered pockets on our PRO Sun Skiff Pants keep your personal items safely stowed and easily accessible.

An angler cleans their sunglasses with the chamois material on their shirt

Sunglasses Chamois

A silky, built-in chamois easily clears away salt spray or the droplets splashed up by that just-released trophy brown.

A close-up image of a wet PRO shirt

Zero-Chafe Technology

Quick-drying Polartec® Power Dry®, strategically placed in notoriously damp zones, delivers complete, moisture-free comfort all day long.

Two anglers in a boat reeling in a fish
An angler using a walkie talkie to communicate
An angler, kneeling in a stream, releases a fish

1. Orvis Asheville Fishing Manager Sav Sankaran, in a PRO Wading Jacket, prepares for landing while Orvis-Endorsed Guide Brown Hobson, wearing a PRO Sun Hoodie and PRO Zip Waders, readies the net as they float the Watauga River in North Carolina. 2. D'Arcy Toner of Faceless Fly Fishing, in a PRO Insulated Hoodie and PRO Waders, checks his coordinates. 3. Orvis Director of Design and Development Shawn Combs, wearing PRO Waders, releases a healthy brown trout. 4. An angler puts his Orvis PRO Waders to the test as he helps secure the Beaver to the shoreline in Alaska.

An angler ties a float plane to a dock
An angler leans into the cast from a boat
An angler with flies attached to a ball cap drinks water from a can
An angler laughs as she casts

1. An angler sends one out to unsuspecting fish on Devils River, Texas, wearing a Women's PRO Sun Hoodie. 2. Yoga on the Fly founder Amy Trina, wearing a PRO Fleece Half-Zip and PRO Insulated Vest, takes a well-deserved break under the Rio Pico, Patagonia, Argentina, sunshine. 3. Documentary filmmaker Faith Briggs, in a PRO Insulated Hoodie and PRO Waders, casts with a smile along the Sandy River in Oregon.

D'Arcy and Timbre wade in a river with their dog while fishing
A group of anglers find a cluster mushrooms in the woods
Two anglers in a row boat on a fast-moving river

1. D'Arcy Toner, wearing a PRO Insulated Hoodie and PRO Waders, gets into position as Timbre Pringle, in PRO Waders, prepares to land her catch; their Brittany Spaniel, North, looks on with anticipation. 2. Faith Briggs and friends wearing PRO Insulated Hoodies and PRO Waders, successfully land their haul of mushrooms near the Grand Ronde River in Eastern Oregon. 3. Brown Hobson, in a PRO Sun Hoodie and PRO Zip Waders keeps things on course as Orvis Retail District Manager Mary Schaeffer, wearing PRO Waders, casts out into the Watauga River in North Carolina.