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Trekkage™ — Our journey to a better bag.

As an adventure traveler, you know that being prepared is key. You know that packing light is vital. And you know that baggage breakage or, even worse, full failure, can sideline your adventure in the worst way—and always at the worst time. It's why we created a brand-new collection of exceptionally durable bags that protect your gear, keep it organized, and, most importantly, perform as designed for years and years to come. This isn't luggage. This is Trekkage.

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Why We Made It

Senior Product Developer Jesse Haller told us a story that most adventure travelers can probably relate to: “I used to have this old roller bag, and one of the wheels froze. Now, I don't get rid of things very easily, so I kept using it. I just literally dragged it—with one wheel skidding along the tile in the airport—for lots of trips. I used it like that for so long the seized wheel actually wore down flat. Yeah, I know, pretty funny, but I really do hate to throw things away. Anyway, one of these times, I’m running to catch a flight and the wheel unseizes! So, then the flat wheel was going, gugunk, gugunk, gugunk, all the way down the terminal. People could hear me coming! Super annoying, super embarrassing.”

Because “annoying” and “embarrassing” are traits one should never ascribe to luggage, we set out to create a collection of travel companions built to keep pace with any adventure, of any length, anywhere you go.

A close-up image of the replaceable wheels of luggage

Oversized All-Terrain Wheels

Built to roll smoothly wherever you venture and, if the time ever comes, be easily replaced.

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Senior Product Developer

Jesse Haller

“On the Trekkage LT Rollers, the wheels, the carriage that secures them to the bag, the corner bumpers, the telescoping handle—they are all replaceable. Now, these parts are all the highest quality available, so breakage is rare, but 10 years down the road and one of these pieces breaks, we can repair it, so you can keep using it. This is Regenerative Design to us—build it to last, build it to repair, build it for years and years of killer trips!”

Why You’ll Love it

Resilient, recycled, and repairable, Trekkage™ LT Packs are travel-tough, weather-ready, and built to accompany you everywhere, from the backroads to the beaten paths. Designed with input from our adventure-travel guides and you—our most important gear testers—these bags are 23% lighter than our previous luggage.

As Jesse tells it, “Building Trekkage™ LT was a great opportunity to bring in a recycled fabric that’s proven super-tough in our fishing packs—CORDURA® re/cor™ RPET. We also looked at some of the other areas to improve quality and long-term durability—especially on those components that can break over time: wheels, handles, fabric panels, and zippers. All of them are replaceable or repairable.”

A close-up of the CORDURA Fabric tag attached to gray cloth


The 600D CORDURA® re/cor™ RPET fabric is water repellent, abrasion and puncture resistant, and made from 100% recycled fabric.

Charley Perkins inspects a fly rod from a bench

Product Line Strategy Manager

Charley Perkins

“When we set out to create best-in-class luggage, we started with our own experiences as world travelers. Our goal was to create bags that would actually make the traveler’s adventure better. We wanted these bags to feel like a part of you. Every component in the design was thoughtful and intentional, with the customer always in mind.”

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