ComfortFill-Eco™ Dog Beds

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ComfortFill-Eco is a proprietary dog bed fill we developed for dogs who love to dig and ‘nest’ before they settle in to rest or sleep. The fill is made from recycled polyester, and the design features special chambers that keep the fill from clumping or shifting around as your pal digs.

Yes! Not only is the fill durable, but our ComfortFill-Eco dog beds come covered in a rugged furniture-grade liner that blends with your décor and is still exceptionally soft for your furry family member’s comfort.

All Orvis dog beds, including our ComfortFill-Eco beds, come with a liner that zips off—simply machine wash and dry it to restore it like new. In many cases, the entire ComfortFill bed may be washed in the machine; check the product details on specific beds in the collection if this feature is important to you.

Your Dog Will Dig Our ComfortFill-Eco™ Dog Beds

Orvis ComfortFill-Eco Dog Beds feature springy eco-friendly fill made of recycled material that retains its loft, ideal for dogs who like to dig and nest. You’ll dig them too, for their minimal carbon footprint: We make our ComfortFill dog bed cushions from recycled plastic bottles. The canine-friendly cushion design features chambers that keep the fill from clumping or shifting while your pal ‘digs’ and manipulates her sleep surface to her liking. Better still, this entire eco-friendly dog bed is machine washable—not just the zip-off liner. Choose from multiple dog bed configurations and plush liners to suit your furry family member. The ComfortFill-Eco Bolster Dog Bed is available covered in a soft, quilted upholstery-grade fabric; our luxurious FleeceLock® fleece; or our innovative ToughChew™ chew-resistant ripstop. This style is perfect for the dog who prefers to stretch out against or lean into a cushion, or for the habitual chin-propping pup. The dog who curls up in a ball to snooze will appreciate the added security of our ComfortFill-Eco Wraparound Bed. For the special dog who deserves extra indulging, choose the Orvis ComfortFill-Eco Couch Dog Bed for its impressively deep cushion and stacked bolsters. We also offer our eco-friendly dog bed fill in a streamlined platform style for the canine who needs lots of space to sprawl; find it in this collection covered in our soft but durable ToughChew liner. Honor your pal’s penchant for digging with a dog bed made to stand up to it from the Orvis ComfortFill-Eco line.