Dog Products for Walking

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Tough Trail® Sling Pack - DRAGONFLY
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Adjustable Two-Dog Leash - BLACK Adjustable Two-Dog Leash - GREENERY Adjustable Two-Dog Leash - AQUA
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NiteDog® Rechargeable LED Dog Collar - BLUE NiteDog® Rechargeable LED Dog Collar - GREEN
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Orvis dog collars and leashes are designed to be exceptionally sturdy, made with durable materials like webbed nylon, woven weatherproof polyester, and top-quality leather, and finished with reliable hardware at critical points of attachment.

Our Personalized Side-Release Buckle Collar and matching leash are both washable, so you can throw them in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Knowing whether a collar or harness is better for your dog is more about understanding your dog’s temperament and behavior and less about a specific breed. The best way to know when a dog harness is a better choice than a collar is to consider how likely he is to slip out of a collar or whether a collar poses any sort of risk to a dog with health issues. There are certain “flat-faced” breeds, like French Bulldogs and Pugs, who have breathing issues, so pressure on the neck from a collar isn’t desirable. In these instances, choosing a harness for these breeds is better. Likewise, harnesses are better for toy breeds, who may get injured from a strong tug on a collar. Generally, collars work well for most dogs, but consider a harness if you have an escape artist, a dog with a slender neck, a dog you routinely buckle into a car restraint, or for a high-energy dog.

Choose the right size dog collar by measuring around your dog’s neck where the collar normally sits. This measurement corresponds to your dog’s collar size. The size chart on the collar’s product page will show you whether to order an XS, S, M, L, or XL.

To walk a dog with mobility issues, choose a comfortable, sturdy harness for full support with no pressure on his neck. Our Tough Trail Harness comes with a handle on the back in case your mobility-challenged dog needs help standing or requires extra assistance. Take your time, be patient with your dog, and contact your vet if you notice any changes in his mobility as you’re walking. It’s also helpful to outfit your home and car with steps, lifts, and traction for dogs with mobility issues.

Our reflective collars and leashes keep your dog visible when you walk in low-light conditions. For extra visibility, choose a collar with a built-in LED light, or an LED necklace made to wear in tandem with a collar.

The Best Products & Accessories for Dog Walking

Shop dog walking products at Orvis. Browse our selection of collars, harnesses, leashes, dog trail gear, and jackets made for safer dog walking. We organized this special collection to make browsing our best dog walking products easier and more convenient. Everything you need for safer, more comfortable outings is here, from personalized dog collars and coordinating leashes, to jackets for dogs, to thoughtful accessories that make her more visible in low-light conditions. Our celebrated Personalized Side-Release Buckle Collar comes in vibrant colors and patterns to match your dog’s personality, and we’ll embroider her name in a contrasting color for free. The Orvis Tough Trail™ Dog Collar is made for adventure: If your dog walking days look more like day hiking, opt for this rugged, weatherproof collar with reflective material in the weave. (We also offer the same sturdy material in a harness for the dog who needs one.) Walking the dog offers multiple opportunities to practice obedience skills with her, or to teach new ones. Our GivePet Training Treats are sized just right for the frequent positive rewards she needs while she’s learning, and GivePet donates enough of these healthy, all-natural treats for ten shelter dogs each time you buy a bag. Because we’re dog people too, we understand nature can call at any hour. We include options in safety lighting for your dog to make her more visible to passing motorists when you walk or run with her at dawn, at dusk, or after nightfall. Choose an LED necklace-style safety collar for her to wear in tandem with her reflective personalized collar and leash, or opt for a super-bright LED light that clips onto her collar. For inclement weather, find the right dog jacket for your loyal companion—choose a handsome waxed cotton dog jacket for comfort on inclement weather days. Dog walking has never been safer, more comfortable, or more fun: Find everything you and your pal need at Orvis.