Fleecelock® Dog Beds

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Orvis-exclusive FleeceLock is an innovative fabric that offers your dog the softness and comfort you expect, in an impressively rugged fleece we’ve improved to make it impervious to shedding, pulling, or pilling, no matter how much your pal digs or ‘arranges’ it before settling into it to rest.

Yes! All of our dog bed covers, including Orvis FleeceLock covers, zip off for easy machine washing and drying.

Our FleeceLock dog beds are available with our Memory Foam liner or our ComfortFill-Eco™ liner. Choose Orvis Memory Foam for a senior dog, a dog who is injured or suffers from joint pain, or any dog—even a puppy—who would benefit from an orthopedic dog bed. Choose our recycled ComfortFill-Eco for a dog who likes to dig or burrow—the springy chambered cushion refuses to clump or shift. Either fill type is available with a Fleecelock cover in a wraparound- or bolster-style dog bed.

The FleeceLock® Dog Bed Won’t Pill, Shed, or Pull

Innovative Orvis FleeceLock® dog bed fabric won’t shed, pull, or pill no matter how much your pal digs. Our FleeceLock line includes longtime favorites, our popular fleece-lined wraparound and bolster styles with a Memory Foam or ComfortFill-Eco™ liner. What sets our fleece dog beds apart from the ordinary is the unique FleeceLock sleep surface that stays intact despite your dog’s natural nesting instinct to dig the bed’s surface until it’s just right for sleeping. The fleece is plush and soft, exactly what dogs love, but refuses to come apart or clump after rough treatment. For a dog bed with better fleece, choose the best option from our FleeceLock collection.