Guide to Dogs

A man takes a moment from fly fishing to bend down and kiss his dog.

At Orvis, they come to work with us, hunt with us, share our beds, and copilot the journeys we take. And we've learned a thing or two along the way about keeping them healthy and happy. We hope you find this guide helpful as an ever-growing resource of information on canine nutrition, health care, training & more.

Orvis Dog Education Center

A spotted terrier peeks out the window of a car

Traveling with Dogs

Tips for Car Travel with Dogs

Dogs are part of the family. We take them everywhere, including the workplace. Leaving them behind,...
A brown and white dog and a black dog in the backseat of a truck

Traveling with Dogs

How to Treat Dog Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety in dogs is the fear of car travel stemming from not knowing or understanding what’s...
Two dogs sitting on a rock at the top of a mountain

Dog Training

How to Socialize a Dog

Thousands of years ago the members of your dog’s pack taught him the important social skills he...
A brown and white dog standing in the tall grass

Dog Safety

Tick Safety for Dogs

Tiny as they are, ticks can pose serious health risks to dogs. They’re known to carry at least ten...
A black dog wandering through the woods on its own

Dog Safety

How to Find a Lost Dog

If you are reading this article because you just lost your dog, take a deep breath and do your best...
A large black dog with a tennis ball in its mouth playing with a smaller black dog

Older Dogs

Dental Care for Older Dogs

Taking good care of your dog’s teeth is important from puppyhood through his golden years. As your...
A close-up of a brown and white dog in a field with a scarf around its neck

Older Dogs

Incontinence In Older Dogs

Of the many health issues that emerge as dogs age, urinary incontinence can be one of the most...
Charley Perkins standing in a laundry room showing how to wash a dog bed

Gear & Product Care

How to Wash Your Orvis Dog Bed

At Orvis, we understand that your best friend needs a clean, comfortable place to rest in between...
A golden retriever snuggles into a bolstered dog bed under a dog blanket


Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

Every Dog Needs a Den. It’s primal and it’s undeniable: a dog needs a safe, secure place to call...
Two dogs jumping off a deck into a lake

Gear & Product Care

Nylon Vs. Leather Dog Collars

Is a nylon dog collar better than a leather one? There’s more to this decision than you might...
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Simon Perkins with his bird dog, Copa, in a field of dry grass at sunrise

Dog Stories

True tales of our dogs as best friends, family members, and coworkers.

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