Fly-Tying Cements, Glues & Epoxies

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Fly-tying head cement is made from lacquers, but water-based head cements in particular are made from environmentally friendly lacquers. Common ingredients in these lacquers include Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, and Heptane.

Depending on the brand and viscosity of the head cement, it should take anywhere from 30 minutes to be dry enough to handle, to overnight to be fully dried and ready to fish.

Our head cement thinners allow you to alter the viscosity of head cement, making it thinner for different fly-tying applications.

Head cement is the most common adhesive used in fly tying, while super glue is the most common glue. Head cement is used on almost every fly to provide durability to finishing wraps, while super glue can be used to anchor other materials.

Many fly tyers use off-the-shelf super glue for most applications, but fly-tying-specific glue, like Zap-a-Gap, is designed specifically for fly-tying needs and provides added benefits like applicators designed for fly-tying challenges, guaranteed waterproof qualities, and the capacity to work with foam and other materials without melting them (some hardware store superglues cannot be used with some fly-tying materials).

UV resin is a coating used in fly tying that can act as an adhesive, body material, or a fluorescent additive to a fly design. UV resins are applied in a liquid form with varying viscosities, and then cured with a UV light to set them in place. You’ll find UV resins commonly used in perdigon bodies, wing cases on nymphs and wet flies, glossy heads on zonkers, and even setting parachutes on dries.

The Best Fly-Tying Cements, Glues, and Epoxies

Our top-quality fly-tying cements, glues, and epoxies are the most reliable you’ll find for tying more durable flies and creating more lifelike bodies. Orvis fly-tying head cement penetrates threads and leaves the hard, durable finish you’re looking for in heads and bodies. For extra-durable flies, choose the most popular glues like Zap-a-Gap to anchor in weight, prepare wings, or add strength to finishing wraps. And when you’re tying up batches of perdigons or adding a UV finish to streamers, reach for our collection of UV resins in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Don’t get stuck without the best cements, glues, and epoxies at your fly-tying bench: Make sure your flies last using Orvis head cements, super-glues, and resins.