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Looking from half-inside the moving water at an angler casting her fly rod

Not All Safety Deposit Boxes Live in Banks

Introducing the new PRO Waterproof Packs. Waterproof. Airtight. UV-Blocking. Abrasion-and puncture-resistant. Constructed from 840-denier ballistic nylon then coated with .1mm TPU on both sides of the fabric, we’ve designed each pack in the new PRO Waterproof Pack lineup to keep your gear easy to access and safe from any and all elements in real-world fishing scenarios. Bonus: They’re plenty handsome too.

A collection of waterproof packs in a variety of shapes and sizes with an award for Best New Pack 2023 from Fly Fisherman's Gear Guide

Why We Made It

Certain things are inevitable when it comes to fishing. Getting wet is one of those things. Whether it’s a deluge from the skies, an unseen hole below, a slippery bank, or a good old-fashioned plunge, if you get wet, your gear’s going along for the swim. It’s why our product developers took a long, hard look at our fishing-pack lineup and realized, as solid as it was, one crucial detail was missing: the ability to dunk these bags and have the gear inside remain dry. Our new PRO Waterproof Packs check that box (and a few others).

An angler holds onto the side of a boat while standing hip-deep in water
Looking down at hands organizing a fly box inside a boat
An angler with a hip pack standing chest-deep in clear turquoise water

1. The PRO Waterproof Backpack sits comfortably on your hips thanks to its wider lumbar strap and, with a 30L capacity, carries everything you need. 2. Storage inside, workspace topside; our PRO Waterproof Boat Bag pulls double-duty on board and stows neatly out of the way. 3. Come on in, the water’s fine; our PRO Waterproof Sling lets you get a little deeper when traversing the flats. 4. The PRO Waterproof Hip Pack holds an impressive 10L of gear, distributes weight evenly, and won’t impinge your cast.

An angler watches another cast her rod from knee-deep in a wide river

Why You’ll Love It

Our PRO Waterproof Packs elevate your peace-of-mind on the water to previously unattainable levels. Gone are the days of pulling waterlogged clothing from a drenched pack. Available in a range of ergonomic designs, we built them to be tossed into truck beds and trekked through the gnarliest cover on the way to your secret spot. Go ahead and put them to the test. Rest assured, your gear’s protected.

graphic icons representing waterproof, puncture resistance, and abrasion resistance

The TIZIP logo on a zipper-pull of a pack

Utilized on scuba dry suits, diving suits, and oxygen hyperbaric chambers, TIZIP zippers are airtight, submersible, and won’t blow out.

The strap of a fishing pack with several small tools attached

Working Details

Tool-docking station ensures your accessories are always at hand; ventilated shoulder strap lined with closed-cell foam won’t absorb water.

A Tippet Whippet welded into the top of a waterproof PRO boat bag

No Holes About It

Our Tippet Whippet is welded onto the fabric of our PRO Waterproof Hip Pack instead of sewn in, so there’s no possibility of water infiltration.

Jesse Haller casts his fly rod from hip-deep in fast water

Senior Product Developer

Jesse Haller

“PRO Waterproof Packs are the trusted lifeline for an angler’s gear while on the water. Ultra-durable, lightweight, and highly functional, they allow users to focus on the fishing, knowing their gear is safe and dry in a pack that wears comfortably all day long.”