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A dog first aid kit for hunting should include the basic supplies you need to respond to injuries and emergencies in the field. Make sure your dog first aid kit includes bandages, vet wrap, antiseptic wipes or spray, antibiotic ointment, eye wash, and coagulant. You’ll also need forceps for removing porcupine quills, a nail trimmer for dealing with broken toenails, and scissors for cutting bandages. For a multi-day trip, prepare a dog first aid kit for travel, which requires additional items like medications and emergency stores of food and water. 

If you’re heading into hunting scenarios where your dog faces prolonged exposure to cold, wet conditions or needs to be visible to other hunters, she needs a hunting vest. Upland hunting vests with a “skid plate” protect against thorn and ice abrasions and often come with blaze orange accents to ensure she’s seen. Insulated camo hunting vests for dogs work well in the blind during freezing waterfowl hunts.

A rugged dog crate made for travel is your best bet for a gun dog. We recommend a kennel specifically designed for transporting dogs comfortably in the back of trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles typically used for hunting trips. Look for one-piece construction that absorbs energy and doesn’t rattle, so your dog doesn’t get jostled in transport or banged around as you traverse bumpy roads. The best type of crate for a gun dog includes appropriate ventilation and optional tie-downs to keep the kennel from sliding.

Top-Quality Supplies for Hardworking Gun Dogs

Bird dog supplies from Orvis allow you to make the most of every moment with your beloved hunting companion. Bond through each step of her learning process with field-tested training bumpers, dog training whistles, and a puppy-ready dog training check cord for her early introduction to partner hunting. With a GPS dog tracking bundle or handheld GPS, you’ll have access to advanced training and safety technology—plus, you’ll never lose your best friend in the field. Find books for tried and true hunting dog training methods or that celebrate our unique bond with bird dogs. Whether you're working on your skills at home or in the field, our bird dog collection includes the essential sporting dog gear you need to prepare her for any game and any destination. Once you’ve established a solid training foundation, both you and your working dog will be eager to move to the field to test her new skills. Remember always to keep a dog first aid kit in your car and on your person during the hunt so you’ll be ready to respond quickly to injuries. Enrich your time and hers, in the field and at home, with superior-quality hunting dog supplies from Orvis.