Women’s Fly-Fishing Gloves

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The purpose of women’s fingerless fishing gloves is to allow the angler the full use of her fingers. Tying flies or changing rigs requires manual dexterity, and fingerless fishing gloves offer unimpeded access to lines and flies.

Women’s fingerless gloves from Orvis really keep your hands warm, thanks to fleece lining and synthetic leather. Our women’s convertible mitts allow anglers to cover their fingers when necessary for extra warmth.

Touching fish with gloves is not recommended for trout and other species that would be harmed by the gloves removing their protective slime. If you need to touch trout, touch them with wet hands only.

Women’s Fly-Fishing Gloves for Any Conditions

Orvis women’s fly-fishing gloves and mittens keep your hands dry and protected in the most challenging casting conditions. During long hours casting without shade, block harmful UV rays wearing our sun gloves for women. Cut-out fingertips give you the dexterity you need to change lines and flies. During cold-weather fishing, keep your hands toasty and digits flexible wearing our women’s fingerless fleece fishing gloves or softshell convertible mittens for women. Both options retain heat even when they’re wet, so your hands stay warm. Find the women’s fly-fishing gloves you need for every casting scenario at Orvis.