Fly-Fishing Vests

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Orvis fly-fishing vests are made from various rugged materials, including 100% recycled ripstop polyester, nylon, mesh, and nylon blends.

You need a vest for fly fishing if you’re not planning to carry a fishing pack or bag. You’ll need a way to organize your tools and gear and hold your fly boxes, and a vest makes a fantastic option. But fly-fishing vests are primarily for freshwater wade anglers, so you won’t need one if you’re fishing from a boat, since you’d have a boat bag or box. 

The best fly-fishing vest fits well without constricting movement, offers breathability, and provides ample storage pockets, tool docking, and clips or loops for accessories like tippet bars. All fly-fishing vests from Orvis provide these and other features.

Your Orvis fly-fishing vest size corresponds to your chest measurement. Small fits 34”–46”, medium fits 38”–40”, and sizes go up from there to XXL at 50”–52”. 

The Orvis PRO and Ultralight fly-fishing vests feature an adjustable closure for a custom fit. 

Durable material, plenty of pockets, and a smart, strategic design are the most important features in a fly-fishing vest. You should be able to carry everything you need for fly fishing within easy reach. Your fly-fishing vest needs to be durable enough to withstand environmental conditions, and it should securely hold your tools and fishing accessories.

We suggest a minimum of eight pockets for your fly-fishing vest, with a mix of Velcro and zip closures. For the serious or professional angler, we included 18 pockets in our Orvis PRO fly-fishing vest. Remember that it’s better to have too many pockets than not enough.

While you may be able to fit a small water bottle inside a bigger pouch in your fly-fishing vest, we recommend using a fly-fishing pack or bag to carry water instead. These sling, hip, and chest packs come with built-in water bottle holders so you can stay adequately hydrated while you fish.

The Best Fly-Fishing Vests for Any Scenario

Explore innovative fly-fishing vests crafted with plenty of pockets and compartments to keep your fishing essentials organized and close at hand. Find fly-fishing vests for every situation in this collection. The Orvis PRO fishing vest features 18 pockets and a sturdy, abrasion-resistant nylon construction made to endure challenging conditions. The Orvis Ultralight fishing vest boasts a slim, streamlined profile to cut down on extra bulk and weight, but still includes the pockets, fly patches, and tool holders that keep your gear within easy reach. The comfortable Clearwater Mesh Vest is a budget-friendly but well-appointed option for the angler looking for the basics. Constructed in durable, quick-drying material, all of our fishing vests are engineered for impressive performance, season after season.