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Everything we do at Orvis is about inspiring and empowering others to discover the adventure and wonder in nature. Rooted in the vitality of fly fishing and wingshooting, fueled by our passion and curiosity for the outdoors, we design and develop products and experiences, while providing the knowledge and expertise to enable more meaningful moments and connections in nature.

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Introducing the All New Helios

The culmination of a seven-year quest to achieve precision beyond all previous limits of your imagination. Proven four times more accurate than Helios 3, the previous industry benchmark.

It’s Where Accuracy Comes Alive.

A drone-view of turquoise ocean with a small boat and a green island.

The Great Awaits

From scheming that upland holiday getaway with the crew, to roaring stories around the fire, to double-hauling the flats—there’s nothing like being out there with your favorite people on Earth!

Wave logo for 50/50 on the Water.

50/50 On The Water

What's it all about?

From women-specific gear development, to education & adventure experiences, to nonprofit partnerships and women-centric storytelling, 50/50 On the Water is here to inspire and celebrate women in the sport we all love.

50/50 On The Water
Black and White 2020 Orvis Breaking Barriers Award Logo.

Breaking Barriers Awards

What's it all about?

The Breaking Barriers Award honors an individual or organization that has gone above and beyond to break down barriers and bring new communities to the sports we love.

Breaking Barriers Awards
A hand releasing a trout back into a river.

Giving Back to Nature

In everything we do, Orvis seeks to inspire a deep connection to adventure and wonder in nature. For us and our customers the outdoors not only sustain us, but demand of us—if we are to benefit from our natural resources, we have to act to preserve them.

The Orvis Blog & Podcasts

Whether you're in pursuit of rising trout, learning how to train a bird dog, driven to improve and sustain our natural resources, or just curious about the ongoing explorations of Orvis's favoriteexperts and writers, our Blog and Podcasts are a great place to feed your core passion.