Fly-Fishing Nets

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The best net for fly fishing has a large hoop and deep bag, like our Wide-Mouth Guide Net.

We strive to design and develop the best fly-fishing nets on the market. This collection includes eco-friendly materials, larger hoops for easier landing, and hook-resistant mesh.

When you’re fly fishing, carry your net on your person with a magnetic net release, retractable net leash, or with a net holster. These accessories allow you to stow your fly-fishing net on your fishing vest so you can reach it easily when it’s time to land your catch.

Rubber nets are better than knotted nets for trout since they better protect the fish scales and reduce harm to the fish. We recommend our eco-friendly PVC-free fishing nets from Brodin.

Your trout net depth should be between 13 and 18 inches, with 15 inches being a safe bet if you’re buying your first one and you’re not sure what to expect.

We’ve found that the best material for fishing nets is durable, knotless, and hook-resistant, which is why we recommend our Wide-Mouth net series and our eco-friendly nets from Brodin.

The Best Nets & Net Accessories for Fly Fishing

Secure your fly-fishing net with a holster or magnetic holder; choose from durable nets and accessories ideal for fishing from a boat or for wade fishing. Serious fly fishers agree that a good net for landing fish is a must. A net ensures the safety of the fish and prevents it from popping off the line at your feet and swimming away. As a bonus, a net creates an interesting background element for your fishing photography. Orvis has you covered with a selection of superior-quality nets and accessories that promise years of reliable service on the water. Our fly-fishing nets are available in a variety of shapes, styles, and materials. You’ll find the best options to safely bag your quarry, from long-handled boat nets to compact wade-fishing nets. We include nets with composite handles and deep, hook-resistant baskets to land your next trophy. Our collection also includes PVC-free fly-fishing nets made with sustainably sourced wood handles.