Men’s Fly-Fishing Gloves

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We recommend gloves for fly fishing. Use sun gloves for warm weather or tropical fly fishing to protect your hands from dangerous UV rays and stripping line. In cold temperatures, you’ll need insulated fly-fishing gloves.

The best material for fishing gloves is snag-resistant, pliable, and protective. Our sun gloves and insulated fishing gloves include options in neoprene, fleece, wool, and synthetics to give you these properties and more.

Gloves from Orvis are safe for handling fish. Our sun gloves and insulated fishing gloves are washable as well.

While Orvis fly-fishing gloves are not waterproof, they are designed to keep your hands warm and protected from the sun even when wet. Our fly-fishing gloves offer excellent breathability and finger articulation.

Yes, Orvis fly-fishing gloves are washable.

Orvis fly-fishing gloves are suitable for saltwater fishing. We recommend our sun gloves for hot weather or tropical fly fishing and our insulated gloves for cold, wet conditions.

Men’s Protective Gloves for Fly-Fishing

Orvis men’s fly-fishing gloves and mittens protect your hands from sun, wind, and freezing temperatures so you can keep casting no matter the conditions. The right gloves are indispensable for fly fishing long hours under the sun or in the cold. Keep damaging rays off your hands wearing our men’s sun gloves with UV defense built into the fabric. UV fishing gloves for men dry quickly and allow you to keep your grip. When cold weather sets in and you’re stalking winter trout, keep your hands warm and dry in our men’s convertible fly-fishing mittens or our popular trigger finger-style softshell gloves. Both options give you the dexterity you need to stay connected to your line but the extra protection you deserve while you’re facing foul weather. For men’s premium fly-fishing gloves that get the job done, browse the collection at Orvis.