Orvis Tough Trail Collection
A man, woman, and dog hiking in the mountains

Always By Your Side While You Explore the Outdoors

Getting out there with your dog is as good for you as it is for them. And with our Tough Trail® Collection, you'll have the gear you need to make the most of an afternoon in the park, a day on the trail, or a week in the wilderness. Developed by dog people for dog people, these rugged accessories utilize durable, weatherproof materials, eco-friendly fabrics, and connect securely with hardware you can always count on. So, head out with your dog and focus on the fun; your Tough Trail gear will keep the pace on any adventure.

Road Tripping the Rockies

Our motto? Don’t leave home without ’em. When it comes to bringing our dogs along, a little prep goes a long way. For pups Maple and Jett and their humans, Denver Area Regional Business Manager Doug Garvey and avid hiker Corrine Garvey, packing up for a trip to the High Rockies is just another Saturday.

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Two dogs in the back of a truck bed next to a camo Chuckwagon
Photo: Becca Skinner

Two peas in a pod, rescues 9-year-old Brittany Spaniel, Maple and 7-year-old Lab mix, Jett gear up for a weekend of hiking on the Continental Divide.

Two people and their dog hike up a mountain

Into the Mountains with North

"With thoughts of big city problems in the rearview mirror and Darcy tapping on the steering wheel to some Waylon Jennings, I rolled down the window and inhaled a deep breath of clean mountain air..."