Our Conservation Partners

The Orvis commitment

American Forests logo

American Forests

American Forests restores and protects urban and rural forests. Since 1990, American Forests has planted more than 45 million trees in forests in all 50 states and in 44 countries, resulting in cleaner air and drinking water, restored habitat for wildlife and fish, and the removal of millions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

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American Rivers–Rivers Connect Us logo

American Rivers

American Rivers is the leading organization working to protect and restore the nation’s rivers and streams. Rivers connect us to each other, nature, and future generations. Since 1973, American Rivers has fought to preserve these connections, helping protect and restore more than 150,000 miles of rivers through advocacy efforts, on-the-ground projects, and the annual release of America’s Most Endangered River®.

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Atlantic Salmon Federation logo

Atlantic Salmon Federation

The Atlantic Salmon Federation is dedicated to the conservation, protection and restoration of wild Atlantic salmon and the ecosystems on which their well being and survival depend. ASF is working across the range of Atlantic salmon from New England and the Canadian Maritimes, to the north Atlantic sea and coast of Greenland to address the threats to wild salmon populations.

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Black Warrior Riverkeeper logo

Black Warrior Riverkeeper

Since their founding in 2001, Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s mission is to protect and restore the Black Warrior River and its tributaries. They are a citizen-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving water quality, habitat, recreation, and public health throughout Alabama’s Black Warrior River watershed.

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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust logo

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Formed in 1998 by a group of anglers, guides, and scientists, the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is a non-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to the conservation of saltwater flats species—particularly bonefish, tarpon, and permit—and their habitats. BTT works with experts in marine biology, statistics, economics, and other related fields to gather knowledge that will help protect and nurture healthy bonefish, tarpon, and permit populations.

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Bristol Bay River Academy logo

Bristol Bay River Academy

The Bristol Bay River Academy merges salmon and river education with recreation and conservation principles to educate, engage, and inspire Bristol Bay young adults to become local leaders in salmon stewardship and prepared for jobs based on healthy salmon in their home rivers.

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California Trout–Fish, Water, People logo

California Trout

California Trout works to solve complex resource issues while balancing the needs of wild fish and people, because we believe that abundant wild fish mean healthy waters, and healthy waters mean a better California.

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Casting for Recovery logo

Casting for Recovery

Founded in Vermont in 1996, Casting for Recovery provides fly-fishing retreats specifically tailored for women who have or have had breast cancer. CFR seeks to enhance the lives of breast cancer survivors by providing free retreats designed to promote and support mental and physical healing. In 2012, they held 44 retreats in 32 states, serving more than 615 survivors.

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Chesapeake Bay Foundation–Save the Bay logo

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

“Save the Bay” has been the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s mission and motto for over four decades, and each year CBF and the Chesapeake Bay make progress towards clean-water success that will benefit the Bay watershed’s 17 million residents and future generations, protect iconic Bay wildlife, and bolster the economy. To bring about lasting improvements in the health of the Bay and its rivers and streams, CBF informs and engages members of the public, advocates for strong and effective laws and regulations, strategically uses the courts to force compliance with existing laws, restores the Bay’s essential habitats and filters, and introduces students and teachers to the wonders and challenges of the Bay’s ecosystem through CBF’s award-winning, outdoor environmental education program.

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The Clark Fork Coalition logo

The Clark Fork Coalition

The Clark Fork Coalition is dedicated to protecting and restoring the Clark Fork River basin.

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Coastal Conservation Association logo

Coastal Conservation Association

The Coastal Conservation Association was founded in 1977 to advise and educate the public on the conservation of marine resources. With 100,000 members throughout 17 states, the objective of CCA is to conserve, promote, and enhance the present and future availability of those coastal resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public.

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The Conservation Fund logo

The Conservation Fund

For nearly 30 years, The Conservation Fund has been saving special places across America. They have protected over 7 million acres of land and water in all 50 states, from the park down the street to historic battlefields, wild areas, and favorite destinations of all kinds by working with community, government, and business partners. Much of the land and water The Conservation Fund protects provides fishing and hunting access important to so many of Orvis’ valued customers.

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Deschutes River Alliance logo

Deschutes River Alliance

By designing collaborative, science-based solutions to basin-wide threats that may adversely affect the health and function of the lower Deschutes River and tributaries, the Deschutes River Alliance works to protect the river and its recreational assets for both present and future generations.

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Ducks Unlimited logo

Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited got its start in 1937 during the Dust Bowl, when North America’s drought-plagued waterfowl populations had plunged to unprecedented lows. Today, Ducks Unlimited Inc. is the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to conserving North America's continually disappearing waterfowl habitats. Ducks Unlimited has conserved more than 13 million acres thanks to contributions from more than a million supporters across the continent. Guided by science and dedicated to program efficiency, DU works toward the vision of wetlands sufficient to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever.

Everglades Foundation logo

Everglades Foundation

The Everglades Foundation is dedicated to protecting and restoring America’s Everglades. This unique ecosystem provides economic, recreational and life-sustaining benefits to the millions of people in Florida who depend on its future health. Through the advancement of scientifically sound and achievable solutions, the Foundation seeks to reverse the damage inflicted on the ecosystem and provide policymakers and the public with an honest and credible resource to help guide decision-making on complex restoration issues. The Foundation serves as a leader in building consensus for action in support of our mission. Our strength comes from the support we receive from our partners, board, staff and true believers who know we can correct mistakes of the past.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy logo

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa, a conservancy nestled at the foothills of Mount Kenya, is home to some of Africa's critically endangered species, notably the black rhino and Grevy's zebra. The Conservancy has been hugely successful in conservation of the native black rhino and the resident population has grown at an impressive 6% per annum. Lewa's Grevy's zebra population, at approximately 380 individuals, is the single largest at any one place in the world.

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Miramichi Salmon Association Conservation logo

Miramichi Salmon Association

Founded in 1953, the Miramichi Salmon Association works for the preservation and enhancement of the wild Atlantic salmon, and for the protection of its habitat in the Miramichi watershed. The MSA’s mission is to create global-class leadership, stewardship, and conservation practices for the Miramichi Watershed, continuously preserving and advancing its environmental integrity for the benefit of all species, in particular the Atlantic salmon.

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Morris Animal Foundation logo

Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation is a nonprofit organization that invests in science to advance animal health. Since 2009, a partnership with the Orvis Cover Dog Photo Contest has generated over $1 Million for canine cancer research. The Foundation is a global leader in funding scientific studies for companion animals, horses and wildlife. Since its founding in 1948, Morris Animal Foundation has invested more than $92 million toward 2,300 studies that have led to significant breakthroughs in diagnostics, treatments, preventions and cures for animals worldwide.

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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation logo

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Since its creation by Congress in 1984, NFWF has become one of the world’s largest conservation grant-makers, working with both the public and private sectors to protect and restore our nation’s fish, wildlife, plants, and habitats. NFWF supports conservation efforts in all 50 states, U.S. territories and abroad through grants; more than 12,100 grants have been issued since NFWF’s founding, focusing on using the best science to get results and build a better future for our world. 

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 National Wildlife Federation Logo

National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation’s goal is to protect and restore our native wildlife and the habitats on which they depend. NWF has been in the forefront of successful campaigns to restore wolves and grizzly bears to the Yellowstone Park area. A current NWF campaign involves restoration of bison to the Northern Great Plains of Montana. NWF is also a national leader in efforts to resolve ecological problems posed by climate change.

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National Wildlife Refuge Association logo

National Wildlife Refuge Association 

The National Wildlife Refuge Association is the only nonprofit that promotes the world’s largest wildlife conservation network: the National Wildlife Refuge System. The Refuge Association works in Washington, DC, and around the nation to protect the integrity of the Refuge System and fosters partnerships between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, private landowners and refuge supporters to advance on-the-ground fish and wildlife conservation.

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The Nature Conservancy logo

The Nature Conservancy

Working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people, The Nature Conservancy addresses the most pressing conservation threats at the largest scale. Founded in 1951, TNC has more than 1 million members that have helped them protect more than 119 million acres of land and thousands of miles of rivers. TNC has active projects in all 50 states and more than 30 countries—protecting habitats from grasslands to coral reefs, from Australia to Alaska to Zambia.

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Petfinder Foundation logo

Petfinder Foundation

The Petfinder Foundation works with shelters, rescue organizations and animal welfare organizations across North America. Their mission is to help ensure that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a good home.

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Pets as Therapy logo

Pets as Therapy

Pets As Therapy (PAT) is a UK-wide charity founded in 1983 by Lesley Scott-Ordish. Registered volunteers take their temperament-assessed dogs and cats to establishments including hospitals, schools, day care centres, care homes and many more providing thousands of individual therapy visits every week. These visits help to improve lives within our communities, tackling loneliness by providing companionship & friendship. They improve the lives of people suffering from debilitating mental and physical health conditions and illnesses such as Autism, Dementia and Stroke by including animal assisted interventions as part of a holistic approach to treatment. The read2dogs scheme helps primary school children by developing their confidence, interest and enjoyment in reading.

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Project Healing Waters logo

Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and veterans through fly-fishing outings. The organization was founded in 2005, serving wounded military service members at Walter Reed Army Medical Center returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since then, PHWFF has expanded nationwide, establishing its highly successful program in over 150 Department of Defense hospitals, Warrior Transition Units, and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and clinics as well as facilities in Canada and Australia.

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Rare logo


Over the past 20 years, Rare has launched more than 200 conservation campaigns in more than 50 countries addressing issues such as illegal poaching, deforestation and overfishing while working to protect a diverse range of species from hawksbill turtles to Siberian tigers. Rare Pride campaigns have helped local environmental leaders establish protected habitat areas, create new locally managed marine parks, protect endangered species, and adopt sustainable livelihood alternatives that support long-term conservation.

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Ruffed Grouse Society–American Woodcock Society logo

Ruffed Grouse Society

Established in 1961, the Ruffed Grouse Society is North America's foremost conservation organization dedicated to preserving our sporting traditions by creating healthy forest habitat for ruffed grouse, American woodcock, and other wildlife. RGS works with landowners and government agencies to develop critical habitat utilizing scientific management practices.

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Salmon & Trout Conservation UK–Keeping Our Waters Wild: Est. 1903 logo

Salmon & Trout Conservation UK

Salmon & Trout Conservation UK (S&TC) is the only UK fisheries charity that campaigns for the conservation, protection and sustainable management of an aquatic environment capable of supporting an abundance of indigenous fish species, invertebrates, animals and plant life – from source to sea.

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Angler Action Foundation logo

Angler Action Foundation (formerly Snook & Gamefish Foundation)

The Angler Action Foundation improves angler access, fisheries science and marine habitat through collaborative Research, Education and Conservation programs. They believe that informed anglers will commit to achieving game fish habitat protection, enlightened regulation, and education. Recent progress in recreational angler data collection and habitat research—along with improved understanding and protection of juvenile and nursery game fish habitat—is improving the outlook for inshore resources and game fishing. 

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Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska  logo

Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska 

The Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska engages hunters and anglers in campaigns to preserve fish and game habitats and hunting and fishing opportunities on our public lands in Alaska.

Stripers Forever–Make it a Game Fish logo

Stripers Forever

Stripers Forever advocates for the conservation and responsible stewardship of wild striped bass along the Atlantic Coast. Stripers Forever, a non-profit, internet-based conservation organization, seeks game fish status for wild striped bass on the Atlantic Coast in order to significantly reduce striper mortality, to provide optimum and sustainable public fishing opportunities for anglers from Maine to North Carolina, and to secure the greatest socio-economic value possible from the fishery.

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Tall Timbers Research Station logo

Tall Timbers Research Station

The mission of Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy is to foster exemplary land stewardship through research, conservation, and education. The primary research focus of the organization is the ecology and management of fire-dependent ecosystems and wildlife, including bobwhite quail, in the Southeastern Coastal Plain. Tall Timbers conservation efforts are dedicated to helping protect the distinctive rural landscape of South Georgia and North Florida and its traditional land uses.

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Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership logo

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt said, “There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country.” While in the political arena, he succeeded in making conservation a top tier national issue. The TRCP’s mission is to carry on Roosevelt’s legacy, guaranteeing all Americans quality places to hunt and fish by strengthening laws, policies, and practices affecting fish and wildlife conservation.

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Trout Unlimited logo

Trout Unlimited

Founded in 1959, Trout Unlimited’s mission is to conserve, protect, and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. With more than 140,000 volunteers throughout the country organized into 400 chapters, TU is at the forefront of fisheries restoration work at the local, state, and national levels.

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Wild Steelhead Coalition logo

Wild Steelhead Coalition

Founded in 2001, the Wild Steelhead Coalition is dedicated to restoring wild steelhead to their native streams by combining science-based watershed & fisheries management with smart policy-making to create economic vitality for adjacent communities.

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World Wildlife Fund logo

World Wildlife Fund

Our mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. WWF is the world’s leading conservation organization, working in 100 countries for over half a century. With the support of almost 5 million members worldwide, WWF is delivering science-based solutions to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth, halt the degradation of the environment and combat climate change.

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