Dog Bed Selector

A dachshund relaxing in a small Orvis dog bed.

When they rest easy, you can too

Have you ever wondered, “what is the best bed for my dog?” If you're dog likes to sprawl out, snuggle up, or enjoys burrowing into their nap time, we have a bed shape just for you. Take a short quiz and our selector will help guide you to the perfect experience for your pup's sleepy time.

Orvis dog beds are designed to provide the perfect shape for your dog's sleeping habits. Along with the shape, we've paired different fills and covers so you can find exactly what your pet needs to get the rest and relaxation they deserve.

Favorite Dog Beds

A black dog standing on a rock in the mountains

Features and Benefits

Sorting through fill options, covers, shapes, and styles can be tricky. So we've broken it all out for you to understand what makes Orvis dog beds the go-to for your pet's sleep comfort.