The Fight is Not Amongst Ourselves

An angler wearing sunglasses leans over the side of his boat, reaching into the water for a fish.
“Saltwater guides are a different breed. Not sure why, but they’ve always been a highly competitive bunch, and that’s not just on the tournament circuit. You could feel the egos at the boat launches. Tempers sometimes flared around town and in local bars. Just how it’s always been, until Captains for Clean Water really started gaining momentum. It’s given Everglades guides a reason to drop all the beefing and truly come together under a singular message for our common enemy:
We’ll no longer stand idle while agricultural greed ravages the single best fishery in this country.
An angler's rod bends as they cast from the bow of a small ocean watercraft.
An angler carefully holds a caught fish on the surface of the ocean water
Close-up of the rear fin of a fish behind held on the surface of the water
These waters generate more than $2.5 billion annually for South Florida, but more importantly, they’re our home. 350 people are permitted to guide and work here, and we’re proving we’re far more effective when we’re a united voice than when apart. It’s one of the many good things that are happening down here, and I’m proud to stand alongside so many others and be a catalyst for such positive change. Now our fight’s not with each other. It’s to save the Glades.”
—Captain Benny Blanco, Orvis Ambassador and host of Waypoint TV’s Guiding Flow.
Also, a peacemaker.

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Together, we protect what we love.

Join Orvis in the fight to save the Everglades. Visit The Everglades Foundation to make your donation. Orvis will match your gift, dollar for dollar, up to $30,000, for a goal of $60,000 to preserve America’s River of Grass.

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A close up of a alligator's eye along the surface of the water