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A shot from above of two anglers walking in the snow alongside an icy river

Cold Weather Systems

Being out in the cold is exhilarating, but feeling cold out in the cold is miserable—and can be downright dangerous depending on how low the mercury goes. It’s why we developed Orvis PRO Cold Weather Systems, apparel and gear engineered to keep you in your comfort zone whether you’re trekking on snow, wading through icy waters, or fishing under threatening skies.


Our Cold Weather Systems incorporate fabrics that breathe, wick moisture, dry fast, stretch, and remain fresh all day thanks to built-in odor protection. You’ll find pieces that utilize body-mapped insulation to keep heat where you need it and prevent wind and water from getting where you don’t. And we’ve integrated abrasion-resistant fabrics to ensure you’re protected every step of the way. No one’s immune to the whims of Mother Nature, but with the Orvis PRO Cold Weather System, you’re prepped to take on whatever she’s got planned.

Details Make the Difference

Two anglers wade through an icy river in moody late-day light

Lightweight Insulation

Minimum bulk ensures maximum warmth and allows you to move, stretch, reach, and bend with ease.

An angler whose hair has started to freeze, carefully ties a knot

Improved Wind & Weather Resistance

Minimize the threat of nasty conditions with a combination of body-mapped insulation and protection from the elements.

A focus on the boots of PRO Bootfoot Waders walking through icy water.

Winter’s Waders

Our PRO Zip Bootfoot Waders utilize vulcanized rubber over 5mm neoprene with grid-fleece-insulation to keep the heat in.

Detail image of a zippered security pocket in a camo PRO jacket

Security Pockets

Strategically placed zippered pockets keep your personal items safely stowed and easily accessible.

A close-up image of water beading up on the shoulder of a lava-colored PRO jacket

DWR Coating

A Durable Water Repellent coating ensures that when the drops start descending, you’ll stay dry, comfortable, and ready to fish on.

An angler in muddy waders kneels as they pack supplies

Abrasion Resistance

Bust right through the tough stuff with fabric that keeps you well protected from briars, brambles, and rough boulders.

An angler wearing a red jacket adjusts the zip of their waders
An angler wearing zip-front waders steadies themself against their raft as they wade in turbulent water
An angler kneeling in the snow puts on a pair of gloves that matches the camo of their hoodie

1. Getting ready on a bluebird day in Sun Valley, Idaho, wearing a PRO Insulated Hoodie and PRO Bootfoot Waders. 2. Navigating the Olympic Peninsula in PRO Zipper Waders. 3. Staying comfortable during winter fishing courtesy of a PRO Insulated Hoodie, PRO Waders, PRO Wading Boots, and PRO Insulated Convertible Mitts

Two anglers and their dog survey a lake from the shore, with a snowy ski mountain in the background
An angler has a quiet moment, pulling on their insulated beanie, on the foggy banks of an icy river
Two anglers sitting on a log choose which flies they'll use on the river

1. Though the slopes of Sun Valley, Idaho, beckon, the stream is where the action is. Our PRO Insulated Vest and Women’s PRO Waders keep the fishing warm and dry. 2. The cold stays out thanks to a PRO Insulated Hoodie, Women’s PRO Waders, and a cozy PRO Insulated Beanie; an Orvis Guide Hip Pack keeps the essentials organized and at hand. 3. Prepping for the day with the right patterns at C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado, and prepping for the weather with PRO Fleece and PRO Wading Boots.

An anglers breath is visible in the cold morning as they grab their fly rods from the rack mounted on their truck
The sun rises on an icy foggy morning with two anglers in full insulated gear.
Two anglers gear up at the back of a truck in a snowy wood
A group of anglers find a cluster mushrooms in the woods

1. Wading the icy waters of the Salmon River is a walk in the park thanks to a PRO Insulated Hoodie, PRO Zip Bootfoot Waders, and PRO Insulated Convertible Mitts. A Guide Sling Pack and Bug-Out Backpack keep all gear and gadgets safely stowed. 2. Fresh tippet and warm gear: prepping for a day of cold-weather fishing in Idaho. 3. Faith Briggs and friends, wearing PRO Insulated Hoodies and PRO Waders, successfully land their haul of mushrooms near the Grand Ronde River in Eastern Oregon.