Nymph Flies

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Choose a nymph fly based on a popular nymph in the area where you’re fishing or ask a local guide. A tried and true trick to choose a nymph is to turn over a few river rocks, see what’s underneath, and select whichever pattern in your box most closely matches what you find. Learn more from fly-fishing expert Tom Rosenbauer.

The best, most productive nymph patterns for trout are the Pat’s Rubber Leg Stone, TH Zebra Midge, Flashback Bead Head American Pheasant Tail, Tunghead Prince, and Barbless Hot Rib Walt’s. Also stock your fly box with a selection of Hare’s Ear patterns.

Stock your fly box with sizes 8–22 nymphs for trout. If you’re not sure where to start, reach for nymph flies in sizes 16–22. But if you notice a lot of larger nymphs in the water, choose a bigger size.

Use weighted nymphs (bead heads) in strong currents or deep water or if you want to have weight on your rig without adding split shot. Colorful bead heads also make eye-catching meals in murky or turbulent waters. Choose an unweighted nymph when you’re casting in shallow waters or to highly pressured fish who may spook at the noise of a weight hitting the water. In high sun, an unweighted nymph should be your go-to since the blast of light off a bead head may deter fish from biting.

Realistic Nymph Patterns for Fly Fishing

Our impressive collection of popular nymph flies includes high-quality, well-known patterns that produce results on water all over the country. Trout do most of their feeding underwater, which is why experienced anglers always include a variety of nymphs among their fishing flies. Our nymph patterns realistically imitate the trout’s favorite delicacies, including caddis, mayfly, and midges. And with our trout or Euro nymph fly assortments, you can be prepared for whatever the day brings. Nymphing for trout can be tricky when you don’t know what’s hatching, so we offer a variety of prospecting nymph fly patterns as well.