A close-up of a gloved hand, loading shells into a shotgun.

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Orvis ELOS Over-Under Shotgun engraving on the stock.
Another view of the Orvis ELOS Over-Under Shotgun.
Bottom view of the Orvis ELOS Over-Under Shotgun.

Orvis ELOS Over-Under Shotgun

Light enough for the field, robust enough for the clays course.

Starting at $2999.

The Orvis Heritage Side-by-Side Shotgun detail of engraving on the stock.
Another view of Orvis Heritage Side-by-Side Shotgun.
The bottom view of the Orvis Heritage Side-by-Side Shotgun.

Orvis Heritage Side-by-Side Shotgun

A Tradition in the Making

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new, proprietary side-by-side shotgun: The Orvis Heritage. Built to be carried, to be cherished, and to be handed down.

Starting at $4199.

The intricate details of an Orvis ELOS over-under shotgun held in two leather-gloved hands.

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Gun Shop

Browse new and used shotguns at Orvis and discover the best field shotguns, consignment guns, or proprietary, Orvis-designed shotguns for your shooting style. Discover the right side-by-side or over-under, a classic, or the latest in superior-quality firearms. Because we expect the guns bearing our name to be outstanding examples of craftsmanship and excellence, every 12g, 20g, and 28g shotgun in our collection showcases the uncompromising standards you expect of us. Signature Orvis quality shows in the hand-rubbed walnut and exquisitely engraved details. 

Our gunsmith evaluates each consignment firearm for safety and integrity before it’s made available for sale. Only the best survive this rigorous inspection, so you know the English, Continental, and American-made shotguns and classic firearms we offer reflect unsurpassed quality. Discover pieces from the most respected names in the industry, including Beretta, Caesar Guerini, Arrieta, Browning, and Winchester. Whether you’re looking for a new field gun to take on an Orvis-endorsed hunting trip or a shotgun to accompany you to the clays course, you’ll find exceptional options in our Gun Shop. 

Look to Orvis for impeccable gunsmithing services. Our master gunsmith is an expert in the time-honored traditions of cleaning, restoration, maintenance, and repair. He knows exactly how to care for your pieces with unparalleled attention to detail, and he prides himself on maintaining excellent relationships with Orvis gunsmithing customers.

Trapper John Knuffke, with his shotgun hung over his shoulder, at Orvis's Sandanona Shooting Grounds.