Dog Gear for Traveling

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Pack these necessities when you travel with your dog:

  1. personalized dog collar embroidered or engraved with ID information
  2. A leash and a spare
  3. Water, food, and travel bowls
  4. Medications
  5. dog first aid kit
  6. Eco-friendly poop bags
  7. Favorite toys and treats
  8. A life jacket if you’ll spend time on the water
  9. Emergency contact information
  10. Vaccination records

Spill-proof dog food and water bowls are best for car travel, and when it’s time to travel by foot to a campsite or along a hiking trail, collapsible silicone bowls make the best choice.

A solid dog first aid kit for travel includes whatever you might need for an emergency. Pack items for administering first aid in the field, as well as your dog’s medications, a copy of vet/vaccine records, and extra food and water. We suggest adding a ready-made dog first aid kit equipped with essential medical supplies, including dressings, scissors, forceps, antibacterial wipes, cold packs, and a guidebook, to your dog’s emergency travel bag.

Always bring a bed or blanket for your dog when you travel. Having something cozy and familiar for her to sleep on helps ease anxieties and keeps her comfortable.

Pack the toys and treats that are already her favorites for a road trip with your dog. New treats might not agree with her stomach during car travel. Bring safe chew toys to keep her occupied or plushies for comfort, but (for your own sanity) refrain from squeaky toys until you reach your destination. Make sure you pack extra balls or flying discs for playtime if you plan to stop at any dog parks for exercise along the way.

Reliable, Durable Gear for Traveling With Your Dog

Explore Dog Gear for Traveling at Orvis to discover durable options in car seat protectors, portable dog bowls, safety harnesses, and other travel essentials. When it’s time to load up—for a quick hike or an extended vacation—cover your car upholstery with a soft, durable, machine-washable dog car seat protector to prevent hair and toenails from soiling or damaging your fabric or leather. Our dog travel crates provide your companion a safe den-on-the-go, and options in dog seatbelts and safety restraints allow you to buckle up your friend securely. Browse our adventure-ready dog water bowls and dog food totes for options specifically designed to handle bumpy rides or to collapse efficiently on trails and at campsites. Remember to pack her memory foam dog bed to cushion her joints and muscles for a good night’s sleep away from home. Discover all the dog travel gear you need at Orvis.