Orvis PRO

Three people speed down the Kissimmee River in a sleek motor boat

Warm Weather Systems

UPF protection, Moisture Wicking, Stretch, Quick Dry, Outsmart Fresh

Lightweight, moisture-wicking, quick-dry blends. UPF 50+ protection. Integrated odor control. Stretch and strategically placed gussets for unrestricted casting, rowing, and reaching for a cold one after an epic outing on the water. Our PRO Warm Weather apparel is more than just clothing for summer, it's a complete system. Individually, each piece delivers technologically superior performance whether you’re floating under a searing sun or hiking through an afternoon downpour. Combined, you’re prepped to take on anything Mother Nature sends your way. We developed these styles with input from both professional fishing guides and weekend anglers to ensure each piece is up for the task at hand.

Details Make the Difference

Detail image of a zippered security pocket on PRO pants

Security Pockets

Losing never feels good. Especially when it’s your phone, wallet, or keys. Strategically placed zippered pockets on our PRO Sun Skiff Pants put an end to that sinking feeling and ensure you’ll be able to text the fam and buy a round at the end of the day.

An angler cleans their sunglasses with the chamois material on their shirt

Sunglasses Chamois

You’ve heard it before, “Don’t use that shirt to clean your glasses.” You’ll silence the critics when you pull up your shirttail to reveal a smooth, silky, built-in chamois that’ll clear salt spray from your specs or the droplets splashed up by that just-released trophy brown. You'll find it on our PRO Hybrid Shirt and Hoodie.

A hand holding a silver fish tail

Back-of-Hand Sun Protection

Ever been slapped on the back of the hand? It hurts ten times as much when your hands are sunburned. Our PRO Sun Shirts sport sleeves with integrated thumbholes to protect your skin from damaging rays (and random slaps).

A model ties the hem cinch on their PRO pants

Adjustable Hem

Wet wading can be a bit of a drag. The adjustable hems featured on our PRO Sun Skiff Pants reduce the surface area of the pant leg to help make each step a little lighter, allowing you to traverse the flats faster and with less fatigue.

A close-up image of a wet PRO shirt

Zero-Chafe Technology

Wet fabric chafes and chafed skin ruins days, so we've placed quick-drying Polartec® Power Dry® in notoriously damp zones. Think of this as complete, moisture-free comfort and the difference between calling it early or wandering your way toward the sunset.  

An angler in a boat strips his line while another angler poles the boat
An angler ties their shoe with graffiti in the background
An angler releases a recently caught fish

1. Captains For Clean Water’s Peter Lopez wearing the Men’s PRO Long-Sleeved Shirt and Men’s PRO Sun Skiff Pants, while Capt. Benny Blanco steers the ship in the Men’s PRO Hybrid Hoodie in Biscayne Bay. 2. Minneapolis angler Ashley White readies himself and his PRO Approach Shoes for a nightly, apres-work warm water session. 3. Minnesota guide Bob Ciardelli in the Men’s PRO Sun Hoodie with the quick revere-and-release.

Two anglers fishing the river from a rowboat
An angler in sunglasses and PRO hoodie fights a fish on the line
An angler in buff and cap casts from a boat

1. Erica Nelson in the PRO Sun Hybrid Hoodie and PRO Approach Pants on the sticks with Rebecca Milne in the Women’s PRO Sun Hoodie on loop control in West Texas. 2. Chrissy Atkins in the Women’s PRO Sun Hoodie digging deep for that last 10 feet of line at the annual false albacore meltdown at Cape Lookout, NC. 3. Stretching out a long cast as the Women’s PRO Stretch Shirt stretches to accommodate the movement.

Four anglers gathered around a car with a dog standing in the back
Two anglers in a rowboat fishing a river
Three anglers fishing the flats from a poled boat