Helios Fly-Fishing Rods

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An angler stands in a river with barren mountains in the background.

Pro Pick: 9' 5WT F

Trout Series F

The ultimate tool for casting dry flies on light tippets to sipping trout, when success requires accuracy and delicate presentations.

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An angler stands in a raft casting his Helios Fly Rod.

Pro Pick: 9' 5WT D

Trout Series D

When the trout are a little farther out or you're battling wind, this rod gives you the extra oomph you need, without sacrificing precision.

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A graphic showing a comparison of the new Helios D versus Helios F fly rods in terms of Accuracy, Sensitivity, Line Speed, Lifting Power, Tippet Protection, and Delicacy.

Distance & Finesse — A Quiver of Options in Two Series

Choose D for increased line speed and lifting power and F for ultimate sensitivity and delicate presentations with tippet protection.

The Helios Origin Story

Innovation has been our specialty since 1856, driven by a simple mission statement: “We can do this better.” And so we did.

See It. Cast It. Your Best is Now 4X Better.

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Yes: If you’re serious about fly fishing or simply want the best fly-fishing rod for an upcoming trip, invest in a Helios. It’s definitely worth it.

The main difference between the Orvis Helios D and F centers around purpose. The Helios D (Distance action) offers power and distance, especially if you’re casting big flies in wind. We designed the Helios F (Finesse action) to be an elegant rod for precision placements.

Orvis Helios rods are made in the Orvis Fly Rod Shop in Manchester, Vermont.

The Orvis 25-Year Guarantee means we’ll fix your broken Helios fly rod, and if we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it, no questions asked, for a quarter of a century.

Yes, we make Helios fly rods to handle larger and heavier fish species. Choose the proper weight rod in the Helios line to match your target species, and you’re good to go.

Choose a Mirage fly reel in the size that matches the weight of your Helios fly rod.

The best lines for Helios rods are the Orvis PRO fly lines in a matching weight, water-type, and target speciesRefer to our recommendations for which line is the best match to each Helios fly rod

The Helios line is specifically designed to cut through wind with ease. Across the board, anglers choose Orvis Helios fly rods for their superior casting power and accuracy in various conditions.

Introducing Our Updated Helios Fly-Fishing Rods

Fishing with the best just got better—our new Helios line redefines the next generation of fly rods with innovations for even better control on every cast. Orvis engineers built a rod that radically reduces tip displacement during the cast, solving the most stubborn challenge to fly placement. Experience direct energy transfer from your hand to the fly, so you can place it with effortless precision. You’ve never seen or felt anything this elegant. All Helios F and D fly rod models deliver perfect casts with easy distance and seamless control for delicate mends. These fly rods represent the culmination of exhaustive professional field testing, resulting in multiple Helios rod series that offer less swing weight, greater accuracy, and specialized performance. This Helios generation outpaces, outmatches, and outperforms any other fly rod you can find, even our pioneering H3 designs. The competition simply can’t come close to this revolutionary fly rod—explore the Helios Finesse (F) and Distance (D) fly rods to find the right options for you. When presentation is a priority, rely on the finesse of the Helios F fly rod for delicate, accurate fly placement, even in tight spots. If you're casting big flies in wind, the Helios D gives you the power and distance you need to land your fly right where you want it. We've crafted a Helios fly rod to elevate your fishing in any scenario, from small spring creeks to wide-open salt flats. For the very best in innovative fly rod design, look no further than Orvis Helios performance fly rods.