Fly-Tying Dubbing

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Most fly tyers’ “must haves” include a mix of natural colors found on fish’s favorite meals as well as various eye-catching colors of ice dubbing for sparkle or a touch of flash. A basic starter spectrum might include olive, light and dark browns, black, a few shades of green, yellow, dark red, gray, a tawny neutral, and dark purple or blue. For ice dubbing, we’d recommend purchasing an assortment of colors so you’ll have what you need without trying to guess.

Natural dubbing can be more effective to tie patterns to cast in clear water or to attract wary fish because of its earthier and more subtle colors, and some natural dubbing, for example rabbit fur, moves exceptionally well underwater. Use synthetics to achieve more float in dry files. Synthetic dubbing is also available in a broader range of bolder colors than natural dubbing, and it offers flash and UV properties natural dubbing does not. Remember that you can blend natural and synthetic dubbing to achieve unique fly patterns that work well in a specific fishing environment.

The best technique for adding dubbing to your pattern is following the “less is more” rule. Use less than you think you’ll need to avoid struggling with the material or making your pattern too beefy: It’s easier to add than to remove. Orvis fly-tying expert Tim Flagler explains how to use dubbing with finesse. We know working with dubbing can be difficult, even for experienced fly tyers, and we recommend the anchor-and-twist method for when your dubbing becomes unruly or unmanageable.

Premium Dubbing for Your Fishing Fly Patterns

Choose the right fly-tying dubbing to tie up realistic flies and entice strikes from hungry fish. Duns, spinners, Euro nymphs, hare’s ears, shrimp, tactical flies, saltwater patterns … whatever you’re tying, you need the best dubbing on the market, and we offer it in this collection. Discover specialized dubbing that features a blend of natural and synthetic fibers for Euro nymphs, or microflash dubbing that adds valuable sparkle to streamers or dries. We also offer ethically sourced natural fur dubbing as well as fully synthetic dubbing that includes translucent fibers as added attractant. Our dry fly dubbing comes in single colors or as an assortment so you can experiment or cook up your favorite recipes to your heart’s content. The best dubbing comes from the best name in fly fishing, so you’ll find exactly what you need at Orvis.