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Briar-Proof & Weather-Resistant Pants for Hunting

Our hunting pants are engineered to protect. They keep you dry in the field, and they’re ready to defend against rough weather and thorny terrain. Choose from briar-proof pants, like our new PRO Upland Brush Pants, engineered with advanced features to take on thick cover and thorns without complaint. Traditional hunting trousers, breeks, and hunting base layers—in naturally warm, water-resistant, and wind-resistant materials—withstand season after season in pursuit of upland birds. For cold-weather waterfowl hunting, our DWR-treated underwader pants insulate with a high-pile fleece lining while your waders keep you dry. Our PRO LT Hunting Pants satisfy discriminating hot-weather hunters who need mobility, breathability, and moisture wicking for early season hunts. If you’re after the best waterproof hunting pants, you’ll find them here. Discover lightweight, durable hunting pants that block snags in the field without bogging you down—so you can break through the brush and earn that harvest. Every trip to the field calls for the hunting and shooting pants in our collection.

What Are the Best Pants for Hunting?

The best pants for hunting depend in large measure on the type of hunting and the environment or season. The Missouri Breaks Field Pants are among our best sellers because of their versatility and comfort features. They’re excellent for navigating tough briars, but we make them in an innovative fabric with built-in stretch for improved mobility and comfort in the field. For upland hunting specifically, look at our Upland Hunting Softshell Pants made in a breathable fabric with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment that keeps you dry, yet is tough enough to resist briars. For estate-style hunting, the best pants are traditional full-length styles in moleskin or waterproof technical fabric, or classic wool tweed breeks; find several options in our collection. We also offer heavyweight base layers and full hunting bibs for the most punishing hunting environments.

What Is the Best Material for Hunting Pants?

The best material for hunting pants is technical performance fabric that protects you from weather and terrain. Many options in Orvis hunting pants come in advanced synthetic fabrics or blends that offer pliant stretch, thorn or briar resistance, waterproof or water-resistant performance, and a soft, brushed lining for next-to-skin comfort. Innovative blends that include polyester or nylon with a touch of spandex tend to be among the best materials for hunting pants.

How Should Hunting Pants Fit?

Your hunting pants should fit neither too baggy or loose, nor too snug, to offer optimal comfort and performance outdoors. For cold-weather hunting, rely on form-fitting base layers under your hunting pants for added warmth. Most of our hunting pants come in Active Fit, which is a tad closer fitting than our Classic Fit clothing, but is never binding or restrictive. We recommend clicking open the size chart linked on each product page to determine the correct size in hunting pants. If you have questions about size or fit, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Do Orvis Hunting Pants Fit True to Size?

Most of our hunting pants should fit true to size, but some of our customers report sizing up for a better fit result. We suggest using the linked size chart on each product page, or call us and we’ll be glad to walk you through finding the correct size.

What Are the Best Hunting Pants for Briars?

We recommend the Men’s PRO ToughShell Pants as the best hunting pants for briars. We’ve redesigned and relaunched an iconic Orvis hunting pant to achieve the Men’s PRO Toughshell, adding even more briar and thorn resistance via innovations in the heavy-duty fabric we deploy in these rugged pants. The fabric is a technical nylon and the design includes fully taped seams for impressive wind- and waterproof performance. Explore these pants and learn about all the features that come together to make them the best available.

What Are the Best Orvis Hunting Pants for Cold / Warm Weather?

Choose the Sitka Hudson Bib hunting pants layered over heavyweight bottoms for waterfowl hunting in the coldest environments. For warmer weather, try the Upland Hunting Softshell Pants made in a breathable base fabric with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to keep you cool and dry.

Are There Any Hunting Pants for Women in This Collection?

Yes: We offer our popular Missouri Breaks Field Pants for women, as well as Laksen women’s tweed breeks for continental shooting.